Copenhagen opens Arena for 7,000 guests

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The new Bella Arena; photo credit: Bella Center Copenhagen

Bella Arena exterior; photo credit: Bella Center Copenhagen

Bella Arena ist Copenhagen's brand new Arena, with room for 7,000 seated guests. It has been built as an extension of the Bella Center Copenhagen, Scandinavia's largest congress, conference and exhibition center. With the new Arena, the city can now host even larger international events in a sustainable venue.

The new Bella Arena is connected to the existing Bella Center via a large glass atrium, so that the Arena, the hotel, and Bella Center are now under one roof and can accommodate events with up to 30,000 participants. Bella Arena also gets its own identities and entrances, so that it can be used for cultural events and sporting events at the same time as there are other conference events in Bella Center.

According to Copenhagen Convention Bureau, sustainability and accountability are considered in all parts of the Bella Center and associated hotels. Bella Arena is created with the same focus on sustainability. Sustainable materials, energy efficiency and circularity have been key focus points, and this has led to Bella Arena achieving the international gold certification within sustainability from DGNB.

For example, in partnership with BC Hospitality Group's new beverage supplier, Carlsberg, upcycled beer kegs have been used in the process. The upcycled kegs are used together with recycled wood from the original Bella Center at Bellahøj.

Carlsberg's contribution to the arena is based on the brewery's focus on circularity throughout the value chain. The latest innovation is the DraughtMaster-keg that in addition to ensuring better quality and use of the beer will be returned and recycled into new products such as furniture and building materials. In Bella Arena, the upcycled kegs are used for signs and furniture.

The name "Bella" dates back to the first Bella Center on Bellahøj which opened in 1965. In 1975, Bella Center moved to its current location in Ørestad, which was then bare ground. Since then, the Ørestad district Bellakvarter has sprung up around Bella Center Copenhagen, the metro has been added with Bella Center station, Hotel Bella sky was added in 2011 and is now being expanded with Bella Arena.

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