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Cvent expands International Language Support

Cvent's vice president of international sales Graham Pope; photo credit: Cvent

Events technology provider Cvent announced that it now supports 18 international languages within the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), the Company’s online meeting and event venue sourcing platform.

According to the company, the expanded language support provides meeting planners with a fully localised venue sourcing tool, enabling them to search and book domestic or international venues in their native and/or preferred language from their mobile devices or computers.

CSN now supports the following 18 languages: Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Dutch, English (United States), Finnish, French, French (Canadian), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (European), Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, and Turkish. More languages will continue to be added to the platform.

CSN’s search application is now localised to reflect a logged-in user's locale and language preferences. Additionally, most users will have the option to switch to any of the 18 languages at any time. The preferred language is carried through much of the venue sourcing process, from search through to contracting a request for proposal (RFP). Further enhancements include a simplified RFP process, which improves and streamlines communication between the planner and venue.

“The new language localisation feature is a significant enhancement within the platform which connects over 80,000 meeting and event organisers with more than 280,000 hotels and venues around the world“, Graham Pope, Cvent vice president of international sales, said.

“With the continued acceleration of globalisation, it is more critical than ever to deliver technology that supports a diverse, global user base. The new multilingual feature will help planners and venues reduce the misunderstandings and complications that often arise from mistranslation, and ultimately save time to help planners find the perfect venue for their event”, Graham Pope said.


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