CWT launches Omnichannel Customer Platform

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CWT's One Global CX Platform

International travel management company CWT has announced the launch of its global omni-channel customer experience (CX) platform. Enabling efficient information sharing across all customer channels and work streams, CWT travel counselor’s responsiveness is expected to be boosted via a real-time customer view, including where they are in their trip, their travel policy and trip history, as well as their channel contacts, via a consumer-grade service screen.

By combining internal data (historical customer bookings, travel policies, channel preferences, personal traveler preferences, contact history etc.) with data from real-time interactions (online search history, in progress or upcoming bookings, real time travel information etc.), the new CX platform will prioritize the streamlining of email, telephony and messaging channels this year, with all other channels scheduled for platform integration throughout next year.

Key improvements expected include, according to CWT:

- Email: using Natural Language Processing (NLP) fielding 16 languages and Artificial Intelligence (AI), inbound email management will become more efficient - whereby the intent and language of each inbound email will be detected.
This enables each request to be prioritized, specific to deadline or urgency and fielded to the best counselor in terms of native language and expertise, to process.

- Telephony (available across EMEA, APAC and NORAM): with accurate amalgamated customer contact, travel, preference and policy viewable on one consumer-grade service screen, counselors are able to provide informed and personalized customer conversations, on every call.

- Messaging (available across 100+ countries where CWT messaging is live): using NLP and AI, customer queries will be categorized, prioritized and effectively addressed by a seamless blend of chatbot & counselor interaction.

CWT has partnered with Pegasystems Inc. (an industry leader in digital transformation software) to customize and configure a cloud-based platform that meets our specific and unique needs.

“Having made significant investments in customer channels and data to date, we needed a solution that could operationalize these insights, simplify our existing CX applications & tools, and provide our customers with the most personal and relevant actions at each stage of their journey,” John Pelant, CWT EVP Chief Technology Officer said.

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