Daegu: Study Shows Long-Term-Impact of Hosting Conventions

Hosting international conventions has shaped Daegu's future, a report finds. Photo: pixabay

The South Korean city of Daegu has set its focus on future growth industries – water, medicine, vehicles, energy, robotics, and smart city applications. To further develop these economic industries, the city taps on long-term benefits of hosting conventions in these priority fields, a strategy that was revealed by Charlie Bae, CEO of the Daegu Convention & Visitors Bureau (Daegu CVB) during the release of their “Business Events Legacy in Daegu, Korea” report.

This report traces the long-term impacts of five conventions hosted by the city. Daegu Mayor Kwon Young-Jin, believes that the five case studies, one dating back to 2004, illustrate that hosting international conventions has left positive marks for Daegu. “This report will increase the appreciation of international business meetings as transformative agents for host cities. We also learnt that we need to leverage on future conventions coming to our city as a strategy for the development of our priority industries”, he added.

Case in point is the International Solar Cities Congress 2004 (ISCC 2004). One year after the formation of the Daegu CVB in 2003, the city hosted the inaugural edition of the ICSS, which today is world-renowned for its expressions of innovation in renewable energies and their uses in large cities. The legacy from ISCC 2004 led to the establishment of Korea’s first ‘Solar City Ordinance’ and ‘Solar City Daegu 2050 Project’. In addition, the impact on the city’s reputation and brand further catapulted Daegu into the energy segment as a committed player.

Kim Jong-dal who served as Chair of ISCC Organizing Committee said: “It has been 17 years since ISCC 2004, and now Daegu is a global city in the energy sector. The convention was a very valuable event that cleared a path for more international events in the energy and environmental sectors while providing a foundation for the city’s economic policy.”

Since 2004, Daegu has made significant strides in the field of renewable and green energy technology, and hosts the annual International Green Energy Expo & Conference (IGEEC), one of Asia's top three renewable energy exhibitions and among the world’s top 10 solar energy trade events.

The immediate outcomes from ISCC 2004 drove long-term implementation and institutional reform strategies. In closing, Charlie Bae commented: “Business events have shaped Daegu’s industry and economy, elevated our city’s brand globally, and paved the way for innovation and progress in our region.”


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