Germany: Difficult situation despite relaxations for the hospitality industry

As of today, the 3G access regulation applies again in the hospitality industry nationwide.

Photo: © DEHOGA Bundesverband/Svea Pietschmann

In addition, clubs and discos are allowed to reopen under 2G Plus requirements. According to a recent survey by the Dehoga Bundesverband, 70.6 percent of the business owners rate the removal of the 2G Plus and 2G regulations as positive and only 6 percent as rather negative.

The loss of turnover was minus 44.6 per cent in January and February 2022 compared to the Corona pre-crisis year 2019. Currently, 48.1 per cent of business owners see their business at risk, compared to 58.6 per cent in January. In addition, the industry is being hit by soaring energy costs. According to the survey, 90.6 per cent of the business owners see these price increases as a heavy or very heavy burden. Since the beginning of the year, energy costs have risen by an average of 33 per cent compared to the same period last year.

The booking situation for March and April is also assessed negatively by the majority. 58.8 percent of the leisure hoteliers assess the situation for March as bad or very bad, 44.2 percent report the same for April. In the case of city and conference hotels, the booking situation for March is bad or very bad for 71.1 percent of the business owners and for April for 60.1 percent of the business owners. "This is because most major events such as trade fairs, congresses and conferences have been cancelled. Events need a corresponding lead time," explains Dehoga President Guido Zöllick, "which is also why the decision to extend the Überbrückungshilfe and the short-time allowance until 30 June was right and consistent."





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