IAPCO 2022 Annual Meeting and General Assembly

The IAPCO 2022 Annual Meeting and General Assembly took place for the first time in a hybrid format from Thursday 10 to Sunday 13 February.


The event gathered 126 IAPCO members and partners in Rome (Italy), as well as 46 attendees online from 34 countries.  It was the first time IAPCO members met in person since the Annual Meeting in Vancouver, 2 years ago.

Rich programme

Attendees discussed the future of leadership with Futurist Paolo Gallo and heard Adolfo Fernandez from Google, while Juli Ferre Nadal shared the learnings of the sports industry journey into the pandemics.  Serena Porcari, the Managing Director of the Dynamo Foundation, a camp for sick and disabled children and their families, shared the story of the camp and the empowerment of evolving in an adapted environment.  Neha Shukla, a Gen Z innovator, shared insights of how next Gen sees the future, and what they want to change. Other speakers includes reclutant futurist Mark Stevenson and Bebe Vio, a Paralympic Gold Medalist, who shared her journey of resilience and adaptation.

The design of the programme and management of the event was the work of a group of 3 members of IAPCO: AIM Group International, ega Worldwide, and OIC Group.

IAPCO Council elections

IAPCO Council elections were held during the General Assembly.  Sarah Markey-Hamm, ICMS Pty Ltd (Australia) was voted as the new President-Elect of IAPCO; she will start her term as President in February 2023.

IAPCO Council 2022-2023
Ori Lahav, Kenes Group, Israel
Sarah Markey-Hamm, ICMS Pty Ltd, Australia
Keith Burton, African Agenda, South Africa
Council Officers:
Barbara Calderwood, MCI, UK
Alessandra Damant, Arinex, Australia (Next Generation, Co-opted)
Monice Freire, AIM Group International, Portugal
Sissi Lygnou, AFEA S.A Travel & Congress Services, Greece
Mathias Posch, International Conference Services, Singapore ( Chair of the Training Academy, Co-opted)
Alejandro Ramirez Tabche, Business Travel Consulting, Mexico
Nicolette van Erven, Congress by design bv, Netherlands



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