ICCA UK and Ireland Chapter meets with 90 delegates

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photo credit: ICCA

Last week’s ICCA UK & Ireland Chapter meeting was attended online by more than 90 delegates from destinations, venues and suppliers. It was moderated by newly appointed chairman of the BVEP, Simon Hughes.

A poll amongst the online attendees gave a snapshot of the current state of the industry. It revealed that the biggest concern for the future is falling delegate numbers (52%). A further 24% are worried about bio-security and its impact on their business.

Only 6% expect business to be back to normal in less than six months; 76% expect it will take more than a year. At the moment 64% are experiencing less than half their normal level of business.

From a personal point of view 10% don’t enjoy working from home, 52% love it and 90% expect flexible working to be a part of their future.

Information at the state of the airline industry was given by Jo Roberts, deputy director of communications, Heathrow Airport.

„ICCA UK and Ireland continues to be a strong chapter, developing and delivering great content and support for our members,” comments chapter chair, Diane Waldron. „Feedback from our last event suggests people were keen to take a deeper dive into the domestic market and understand where we are now as well as where we hope to be in the future.“

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