IFEMA: “Operating at Pre-Pandemic Levels”

In 2022, the Fitur tourism fair almost doubled the number of visitors from the previous year. Photo: Ifema

IFEMA Madrid has reportedly made a strong comeback in the six months since the health crisis reached its pinnacle. According to a press release, it accelerated its operations to pre-pandemic levels in the first six months of the year, achieving a record turnover in the first half of 2022. 

The institution's income is said to have topped 115 million euros, 30 percent more than foreseen in the budget. According to the chairman of the Executive Committee, José Vicente de los Mozos, the success of the first semester “validates IFEMA Madrid’s determination to press on during extremely difficult times, guaranteeing its events will go ahead and reaping benefits, not only for the sectors represented but also for Madrid and for the entire country in induced economic terms”.
Fitur in January was the starting pistol for the industry's international post-pandemic reactivation. The fair attracted more than 100,000 trade professionals from 127 countries. It was followed by 145 trade exhibitions, fairs and corporate and leisure events. A total of 8,580 companies participated - 22 percent international – and were visited by 720,000 people. Reportedly, all the fairs scheduled in these six months also went ahead.

Likewise, IFEMA is said to have championed the return of the in-person national and international congress sector. In the first half of 2022, more than 20,000 professionals from around the world attended one of the six congresses staged in the Recinto Ferial and the Palacio Municipal de IFEMA Madrid, most notably the Heart Failure Congress by the European Cardiology Society; World ATM Congress, the world's largest international air traffic management (ATM) exhibition and conference, and the Ibero-Latin American Congress of Dermatology.

“The first six months of the year were pivotal for IFEMA Madrid. We validated our basic lines of work, which will take shape in the coming months in a strategic plan whose main pillars we have already achieved, restoring our business with enormous strength, and planning a year that we will conclude with an 80% increase in turnover that will reach 178 million in turnover”, commented José Vicente de los Mozos.


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