MOOC: The fast rise of Massive Open Online Courses

London. London School of Marketing, a leading institution offering accredited marketing and business qualifications in the heart of London, has published a new article which weighs in on the fast rise of Massive Open Online Courses, otherwise known as MOOCs, and discusses their long-term viability.

“Since the launch of our inaugural column on The Huffington Post, we have been covering a broad range of topics as they relate to education, particularly with respect to the options that abound with online learning,” said Anton Dominique, COO/CFO of London School of Marketing. “This article is intended to explore the key areas which will ultimately impact how MOOCs are perceived, used, implemented and invested in.”

To address the challenges facing the future of MOOCs, the article discusses three key areas which will ensure its success. The first is to make MOOCs available to as large an audience as possible by investing in local access points on a global scale.  The second is to offer distinct programmes that result in valuable designations from reputable institutions. Lastly, the third point discusses the need for educational institutions providing these courses to charge a small fee to each student, thereby allowing for their investment in MOOCs over the long-term.

 “Though it is a comparatively new trend in the world of e-learning, Massive Open Online Courses have fast become the subject of heated discussion,” writes Anton Dominique within his Huffington Post column. “The longevity of MOOCs depends not just on the success of the students taking them, but also on those offering them.”

Find the article here.

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