NEC Spends 7 Million GBP on New Technology

The National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham is one of Europe's most busy exhibition centres with more than 160 exhibitions and fairs every year. Photo: NEC

Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre (NEC) has completed a 7 million GBP investment in improving its technology as well as Wi-Fi infrastructure.

According to a press release, the venue becomes the first in the UK to adopt Wait Time, an artificial intelligence solution that provides real-time measurement of venue capacity and crowd density. „Using artificial intelligence to manage crowds and capacity levels is going to help NEC increase operational efficiencies and, ultimately, create better guest and vendor experiences“, said Zachary Klima, CEO of Wait Time

Moreover, the investment is said to benefit the NEC’s Wi-Fi upgrade, utilising technology developed by US telecommunications company Cisco. The move has seen 1,800 Wi-Fi access points installed to eliminate black spots in all public spaces, giving greater bandwidth to support organisers and exhibitors by increasing connectivity at events and broadening access to more digital content.

Ian Taylor, managing director for NEC Group Conventions and Exhibitions, said: “Our new Wi-Fi solution teamed with Wait Time’s crowd and business intelligence is revolutionary. The NEC Group is a data-led business, and it is investments like this that help to keep us at the cutting edge of live event innovation.”


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