"Now is not the time to be divisive"

The Events Industry Council has released a statement on Discriminatory Legislation.

Read the statement here:

"The Events Industry Council is deeply concerned as to the recent passing of legislation in parts of the world, which seeks to challenge and suppress the rights and views of a number of minority groups, including the LGBTQ+ community.

Discrimination, based on sexual orientation, gender identity and racial identity exists, and as a community and society we must work together to stop any legislation that seeks to challenge the rights of any minority or vulnerable groups.

As an organisation committed to equality, diversity and freedom of speech, the EIC is ready to support the state, national and international organisations vigorously working to stop this regressive legislation and is dedicated to standing up for the rights of our diverse community around the world.

When our world is in conflict, and fearful for its future, now is not the time to be divisive, it is the time to understand, accept and embrace the diverse world in which we all live."


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