Pico+ announces the launch of Pico Virtuosity

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Under development since 2018, Pico Virtuosity is a suite of virtual solutions delivering high performing virtual events with a human touch.

Virtuosity offers three distinct platform points of entry:

The first, Virtuosity One, is based on an intuitive virtual world experience, but with heightened abilities to engage and interact with products and people, including through VR and AR.

The second, Virtuosity 360, offers multimedia interaction based on a fly-through location experience - designed for tourism clients, venue marketing, virtual way-finding or large tradeshow stands.

The third, Virtuosity X, sharpens the focus on the live event experience. Virtuosity X places the live event more firmly than ever at the heart of your communications - and takes your event to your audiences, worldwide.

Pico+ has delivered solutions for DuPont, Dow, Alibaba, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Microsoft and more.

Caroline Bee, SVP EMEA, Pico+:

Pico’s global business is based on designing experiences to drive behavioural change, so we’ve taken time to be confident Virtuosity can deliver the level of experience required.

Our development hub in Shenzhen has created a unique fly-through approach to the virtual experience which is fast, elegant and efficient. Meanwhile our creative tech teams in London, Dubai and Los Angeles have onboarded a great ecosystem of partners to guarantee reliable and seamless delivery worldwide.

There’s naturally been a huge impetus towards virtual as a result of the coronavirus, but our advice to clients is to think beyond COVID: virtual events clearly have a role to play in event marketing strategy of most businesses, the focus needs to be on learning how to integrate live and virtual in an agile way that optimises budget and impact.

Judging from the substitute activity from Mobile World Congress and the Geneva Car Show, it’s advisable to develop a corporate position on this urgently in order to avoid some of the knee jerk responses we’ve seen to date!


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