QuickMobile and Lumi Mobile form partnership

Audience engagement. QuickMobile and Lumi (comprised of IML Worldwide and Lumi Mobile) announced a strategic partnership that brings together the provider of enterprise mobile event technology with the global specialist in consumer insight mobile technology and real-time audience engagement. As a result of the partnership, QuickMobile will integrate Lumi's patented Join In audience polling and discussion application into its MobileEvent app solution. Lumi becomes a tier-one partner of QuickMobile's technology, marketing and selling mobile event apps through Lumi Mobile and IML Worldwide's international offices.

For QuickMobile, the exclusive agreement provides the integration of an enterprise-grade interactive tool and a multi-national partner to help expand its international reach. The partnership also extends Lumi's technology to new meeting industry customers while adding a full conference app solution to its offerings.

The growth in mobile technology has driven the demand for interactive and secure mobile audience response tools and services for all types of events, from the live broadcast of the Oscars to shareholder meetings.  The use of technology at events is now the norm with 97.7% of research survey respondents having used some form of technology.  Further, 79% of respondents believe audience insight is lost without the use of interactive event technology.1

"When audience response is mission critical and the results matter, then there is no better company or technology than IML Worldwide and Lumi, which has built a reputation for reliable, secure and real-time audience engagement," said Patrick Payne, CEO of QuickMobile. "Lumi's platform is light years ahead of competitor solutions, and as we move deeper into the enterprise space, Lumi's Join In app will be a valuable companion to our single event and multi-event app solutions."

Richard Taylor, CEO of Lumi, said, "QuickMobile is recognized for its cutting-edge technology and customer service, and is the type of company that can help us further strengthen our customers' events and businesses. Together, we have tremendous geographical reach and a long list of prospective customers. This partnership gives our clients a compelling integrated solution based on the superior technologies of both companies."

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