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Turkey: Digital Worlds in Antalya

Virtual worlds without VR glasses: the Digiverse event location near Antalya; Photo: mg

With again record numbers in tourism, the conference business also returned to Turkey in 2022. In the Rixos Park Land of Legends the new event location, Digiverse has recently been attracting visitors.

Visual shows, 3D art in various forms and, as a highlight, a 360-degree dome in which visitors become part of the digital world: Since June 2022, yet another new highlight has been attracting visitors to the Land of Legends theme and leisure park on the Turkish Riviera: the Digiverse.

The event location is equipped and suited for events for around 100 to 700 guests and is advertised with the slogan “Digital Universe Experience”. It offers 33 types of experiences, including various domes that pursue different concepts and are interconnected. One advantage of the Digiverse: All experiences can be enjoyed without VR glasses.

The self-promotion of the Digiverse world is somewhat exaggerated, but a visit to the digital world is definitely a feast for the senses. This was demonstrated recently as part of a sales event by German tour operator Bentour, where participants collected digital experiences until midnight and celebrated in real life at the same time: with good catering, music and a full dance floor.

Information is available at, event enquiries can be sent by email to the Sales and Marketing Manager Nezihe Sarac.

Matthias Gürtler

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