Extraordinary architecture fair in Stuttgart

Messestände in Vierer-Kojen, abgehängt durch Molltonvorhänge, Foto: Laura Thiesbrummel

Das ungewöhnliche Präsentationslayout ermöglicht eine schnelle Orientierung der Fachbesucher, Foto: Laura Thiesbrummel

"Architect@Work" has created an extraordinary ambience for innovations in the new Paul Horn Hall at Messe Stuttgart (Hall 10). The two-day architecture fair offers a total of 216 selected exhibitors’ space to present their innovations. Only products that had previously been classified as new by a jury were allowed to be shown.

Separated by black minor tone curtains, four berths were each created in which exhibitors could present themselves with a wide variety of products, concepts and strategies. In the middle of each box is a multimedia console for the exhibitors' PC or laptop.

Almost 3,000 registered trade visitors were given free access to the event as industry members. The exhibition concept is said to offer advantages for both sides. Visitors only saw new products and therefore knew even before they visited the show that it would be worth it. In addition, they will meet the manufacturers of the new products on site and not the dealers, which guarantees more qualified technical discussions.

Architect@Work started in Belgium before travelling through 15 countries. It takes place mainly in Europe, but also in Switzerland, Turkey and Canada. The locations will change within each country. In Germany, the fair is held every year in three different cities.