Where can you stage fully climate-neutral meetings?

Stadthalle exterior view Bcommunity park Echaz. Photo: Markus Niethammer

Innovative event format. Photo: Stadthalle Reutlingen

Great Hall Photo: Stadthalle Reutlingen

Green Globe-Certification Photo: Stadthalle Reutlingen

The answer is Stuttgart - or to be more precise: Reutlingen. Stadthalle Reutlingen hosts completely carbon-free events - certified, of course. To this end, the event and concert hall in the heart of Bürgerpark Reutlingen cooperates with carbon offset provider MyClimate and local energy supplier FairEnergie for clean energy. Via MyClimate, you can offset the carbon footprint of any event by supporting climate protection projects elsewhere.

In addition, Stadthalle Reutlingen, which has capacities for up to 2,200 and 416 guests in its grand and smaller halls, is already taking measures of its own to make events as sustainable as possible. For this purpose, the company has, among other things, joined "rightandfair", the Sustainability Code of the German-Speaking Events Industry.

Moreover, Stadthalle holds the world's leading “Green Globe” certificate. When it was last recertified in 2017, it received an outstanding compliance score of 100 per cent and was awarded gold status for five consecutive years of certification.

Opened in 2013, Stadthalle offers both cutting-edge technical facilities and excellent acoustics, as well as a number of great amenities, such as an electromechanically movable sloped floor in the large concert hall for superior visibility from all seats. Besides all classic event types it caters to innovative formats - with sustainability as an added value.