Where to stage green and regional events?

Photo: Markus Schwarz

WIN Charta Siegel

Photo: Markus Schwarz

The answer is Stuttgart - to be more precise: Leinfelden-Echterdingen. The local FILDERHALLE centre commits to sustainable practices. In 2012, the convention centre was awarded a Green Globe certificate under the international green management programme. Since September 2018 it has been a member of the regional WIN Charter. The Economic Initiative for Sustainability (WIN) is part of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg’s sustainability strategy.

As a member of the WIN Charter, FILDERHALLE commits to corporate environmental responsibility both for its own processes and for hosting events.

A wide range of ecological, economic and CSR measures are being planned or are already in place. For example, in future the centre wants to keep communication as paperless as possible - both internally and at events. In addition, 25 monitors were recently installed at central locations such as hall doors, foyers and mobile stations, to provide information on various topics both centrally and locally. They are to replace printed signage or menu cards.

All hall lighting systems are gradually being switched to LED. And the company's own underground car park is to include parking spaces for charging electric vehicles before long.

Perhaps the greatest potential for change can be seen in the Filderhalle centre's catering service. In future, F&B purchases will focus on seasonal and, above all, regional products, as the centre claims. Its aim is to offer a year-round range of regional, preferably organic, food.

And there is a zero-waste policy for catering. Single-serving plastic milk cartons have already been eliminated. Instead, chilled milk dispensers were installed to comply with hygiene regulations. Only certified organic and fair trade coffee is sourced for catering.
Digitisation is also considered to have a beneficial impact. The centre’s “superb wi-fi availability”, for example, offers perfect conditions for “hybrid events” where physical attendance is no longer required for all delegates.

Measures that may sound easy to implement are often quite a challenge in practice, explains Nils Jakoby, Managing Director of FILDERHALLE - due to high costs, new workflows or training needs of employees. Nevertheless, the centre remains staunch in its commitment to sustainable practices