61st International Meetings Statistics Report from the Union of International Associations

by Joel Fischer, UIA Statistics Coordinator, Co-editor of the Yearbook of International Organizations and the International Congress Calendar. He has worked at the UIA since 1996.

The Report provides a global view of a robust year of activity for a sector now facing multiple challenges due to the coronavirus pandemic. The data in the report are drawn from the UIA database, the source of the International Congress Calendar and the Yearbook of International Organizations.

Covering 12,472 international association meetings held around the world in 2019, the Report provides comprehensive data for the-year-that-was and also a twenty year perspective on trends from 2000 through 2019.

Since 1960 the UIA has prepared statistics on the international meetings that have taken place worldwide in the preceding year. This work is based on routine research and surveys undertaken by the UIA. Meetings taken into consideration include those organized and/or sponsored by international organizations, i.e. the sittings of their principal organs, congresses, conventions, symposia, regional sessions grouping several countries, as well as some national meetings with international participation organized by national branches of international associations.

Highlights include:

    Number of meetings per city and per country, with indications of their market share
    Top international meeting countries and cities per year
    Trends in participant numbers and meeting dates
    Top 10 ranking
    Five year preview of future top countries and cities where meetings are planned

Of the Report’s tally of meetings directly tied to bodies listed in the Yearbook:  

the top 10 cities for 2019 are:

1 Singapore
2 Brussels
3 Seoul
4 Paris
5 Vienna
6 Bangkok
7 Tokyo
8 London
9 Madrid
10 Lisbon

At the national level, the top 10 countries for 2019 are:

1 Singapore
2 Belgium
3 Korea Rep
5 Japan
6 France
7 Spain
8 Germany
9 UK
10 Austria

Scope of the Report

•    Total number of meetings in the UIA database 504,822
•    Number of meetings included in this report 465,381
•    Number of meetings taking place prior to the reporting year (2018 or earlier) 448,035
•    Number of meetings taking place in the reporting year (2019) 12,472
•    Number of meetings scheduled to take place after the reporting year (2020 or later) 4,874
•    Number of countries represented for all years 254
•    Number of cities represented for all years 11,468
•    Number of countries represented for the reporting year (2019) 161
•    Number of cities represented for the reporting year (2019) 1,251
•    Number of active international organizations 41,534
•    Number of active international organizations known to have meetings activity 25,709

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