Transforming Vision into Reality at Global Conference Management – GCM

By Engineer Sherif Salem, CEO

Photo: GCM

Why Egypt

Egypt seamlessly blends civilization and culture stretching thousands of years into the past with the innovation, progress and potential of a nation striding through the 21st Century.
The national initiative ‘Egypt Vision 2030’ sets the route towards a competitive and diversified economy based on a highly-educated and well-trained workforce, which will confirm the nation as a major player in the global arena.
Egypt’s strategic location straddling the Suez Canal provides a gateway for business and investors expanding into the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, farther south into the African continent and east into Asia. International connections by air and sea bring southern and eastern Europe into easy reach, and there are plans for a high-speed rail link between the Red Sea and Mediterranean.
Growth in infrastructure and massive development projects – including the new administrative capital 30 miles east of Cairo – adds to the prospect of Egypt becoming a major global and regional hub for multinational investment and expansion, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
From 2021 into 2023, GCM will host a number of world-leading conferences and exhibitions, including three United Nations events – COSP 2021, Climate Change 2022 and IEC 2023. Additionally, 2021 sees GCM hosting the Quantum Exhibition for the furniture industry and Supermarket 2021 for food industries.
If you are ready to explore this potential, make the move alongside Global Conference Management for a ‘meeting of minds’.


GCM: Who We Are

For the international events’ arena GCM provide wrap-around services and solutions that cover every aspect of planning, staging and managing conferences, exhibitions, corporate events, galas and receptions.
Egypt’s current rapid surge in infrastructure and project development demands an inventive, creative and ground-breaking conference and exhibition scene. Our specialist and designated event experts enhance your event, whether you want to bring together the leading names in a particular industry or boost the brand, networking and international credibility of your own organization.  At GCM we are proud to stand alongside our clients as they take their business to the next level.

GCM: What We Do

GCM provide customized, streamlined solutions for blue-chip multi-nationals, government organizations and agencies, start-ups and specialist niche SMEs. We use all our services or creativity when advising on the logistics and strategy to have your conference, exhibition, reception, gala or corporate showcasing ‘up-and-running’.
For your event to succeed every aspect should be at its best – and this is where we step in and step up. At GCM, Perfection is our Passion.


GCM’s reach extends across Egypt, from north to south and east to west … ideal for organizations targeting specific geographic areas. Our network of hotels and venues opens up the entire country, from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, along the banks of the River Nile, into the bustling, vibrant heart of Cairo or the ‘bridge to the future’ new administrative capital.
Beyond Egypt’s borders, GCM operate regionally and internationally into the Mediterranean’s European nations, into the MENA region and further south into the African heartland. Whatever your vision, GCM can assist you in making it reality.
GCM’s strategic location will transform Sharm-el-Sheikh into the hub for international, world-leading conferences, exhibitions, corporate events and galas throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

Our Vision

To be the leading organizer and facilitator of innovative and cutting-edge international conferences, exhibitions and corporate events throughout the MENA region and Africa by 2030.

Our Mission

To provide conference owners and their delegates with a thoroughly professional event that caters to their corporate and individual needs, as part of a memorable and enjoyable experience. We aim to provide a platform for the international community to exchange knowledge, ideas and networking across diverse sectors, while attracting investment and tourism into Egypt.

The Perfect Match

GCM have the capacity to create the complete conference experience, by managing two of Sharm-el-Sheikh’s outstanding landmarks – the International Congress Center (SICC) and the Jolie Ville Royal Peninsula Hotel & Resort.
This ideal combination of facilities and accommodation has created success stories for numerous events from a wide range of sectors.


Transforming Vision into Reality

Global Conference Management stands apart from conventional conference organizers. We understand your vision of success … and we respond with our creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm. Where you see challenges, we see solutions. Planning, support and a flexible approach transform your vision to reality. We make the impossible possible.
•    Professional Conference Organizers (PCO)
•    Exhibitions
•    Special Events
•    Food and Beverages
•    Accommodation
•    Transportation
•    Airline Services
•    Meet, Greet and Assist
•    Audio/Visual Support
•    Interpretation and Language Services
•    Promotion and Advertising

GCM's designated teams remove the stress of making travel arrangements by liaising with airlines to organize the logistics of booking flights and transfers with the best rates available, once we register your delegates, we assist and advise every step of the way. For us, providing round-the-clock support is a matter of personal pride.

Engineer Sherif Salem, an Egyptian national, has been leading GCM for six years towards occupying centre stage in the international convention and exhibition industry.  His experience in strategic planning and project management has played a leading role in repositioning Egypt as a prime mover in the convention, exhibition and conference sector for the Middle East and Africa for the last 30 years.  He was previously Chairman of Egypt Expo & Convention Authority (ECCA).