The 5G Techritory Forum 2020 in Riga

In November 2020 the third issue of 5G Techritory Forum will once more bring together the decision-makers for 5G use in Europe in the Latvian capital Riga.

On the left: The Prime Minister of Latvia - Krišjānis Kariņš. On the right: The President of LMT (Latvijas Mobilais Telefons) Juris Binde. Photo: 5G Techritory Forum

This year the 5G Techritory Forum will take place in an innovative “hybrid” – a “phygital” - format through a brand-new technology developed in Latvia and launched for the 2020 5G Techritory Forum — with main events broadcasted live from Riga from November 11-12, 2020. 5G stands for “fifth generation technology standard for cellular networks” and is “... one of the technological achievements that can significantly change our lives. We need to create the basis for collaboration and the laws required to implement the technology and innovations. “ Said the former Latvian Minister of Economic Affairs Ralfs Nemiro on the occasion of the first 5G Techritory Forum in 2019.

The forum in Riga is the first and only conference that deals with the political and regulatory side of 5G — in contrast to the usual focus on technology at 5G conferences. Since technological development is progressing so quickly, the necessary adaptation of laws and bureaucratic regulations remains far behind — but these are urgently needed to enable cooperation between countries and politics. This side of 5G development is covered by the 5G Techritory Forum.

No country can implement 5G on its own — it is too expensive, too complex and has too many cross-border aspects. VASES, the Electronic Communications Office of Latvia, therefore took the lead to promote this cooperation between the countries of the Baltic States. The aim of the conference is to bring together the driving forces behind 5G decisions from Europe: telecommunications operators, network operators, politicians, bureaucrats and lawyers as well as everyone involved in 5G networking solutions.

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