Cvent Launches New AI Writing Assistant – “Game-Changer”

Tuesday, 13.06.2023

An innovative new offering from Cvent leverages generative AI technology to help event professionals quickly create high-quality content.

Cvent ahs introduced its AI Writing Assistant that helps event professionals and marketers create content quickly and consistent with their brand. Photo: Unsplash

Meetings, events, and hospitality technology provider Cvent has introduced its AI Writing Assistant, an “innovative tool designed to streamline content creation for event professionals and marketers”. Built directly into the Cvent platform, this AI-powered solution utilizes generative AI and natural language processing to help users generate on-brand, engaging event content more quickly.

According to a press release, the AI Writing Assistant can be used “to create compelling content for various purposes, including event emails, event websites, session descriptions, and responses to venue sourcing requests”. The tool’s intelligent algorithm is said to adapt to user guidelines, allowing them to define the desired tone and voice for their content in order to ensure consistency and alignment with the brand’s messaging.

With the AI Writing Assistant, event professionals can benefit from greater efficiency by generating large amounts of content in minutes. It also promotes consistent messaging, even when multiple team members or departments are involved in content creation. 

Also, the tool helps produce more engaging content, such as event websites, email copy, and video summaries, that resonates with the target audience. Additionally, it streamlines communication by generating AI-powered responses to venue sourcing requests, reducing manual effort.

Cvent’s AI Writing Assistant is available to all users of their event marketing and management platform, including solutions like Attendee Hub, Registration, and Cvent Supplier Network. The tool is offered for free and can be accessed now.

McNeel Keenan, Cvent’s Vice President of Product Management, expressed confidence in the AI Writing Assistant’s potential as a “game-changer for planners and marketers who are looking to maximise output with minimal effort”. Keenan emphasized the importance of clear, consistent, and engaging messaging and highlighted the company’s commitment to leveraging machine learning. “This is just the tip of the iceberg as we continue to embrace the AI and machine learning revolution to further enhance and expand our Cvent platform.”