Light and shadow

Social distancing rules reinforce the need for networking. Industry associations, virtual events and apps strengthen bonds within the events industry.

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Anything but chance

Light, sound, catering, event formats or choice of speaker: For emotionalising (specialised) events, every detail, however small, counts for the big picture.

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The power of feelings

Emotion is an important resource for meetings to draw on. Sensory impressions support knowledge transfer and ensure more intensive engagement.

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Time for new formats

Roland Lambrette, Professor of Temporary Architecture and Rector of the University of the Arts Bremen (HfK), on current challenges in creative room design.

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Experiences drive events

Events are about creating the most memorable moments. To achieve this, they must offer emotional experiences and all-embracing messages that resonate with guests.

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More than just adding fun

Off-the-peg solutions are no longer in vogue in an increasingly complex world. Creativity generates new ideas, reveals the big picture and secures ‧competitive advantages.

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