Grimaldi Forum: Strong 2023, Promising Outlook for 2024, Expansion in 2025

Thursday, 18.01.2024
The Grimaldi Forum Monaco held its annual meeting with over 500 clients and partners, presenting a positive 2023 report and promising prospects for the international convention and cultural center.

The Grimaldi Forum Monaco’s annual meeting in 2023 showcased a successful year, marked by 115 events and reportedly “exceptional attendance levels”. Significant events included the AMWC with 15,000 participants, Top Marques with 25,000 visitors, Luxe Pack with 10,500 visitors, Les Assises with 11,300 business meetings, and the summer exhibition “Monet in Full Light,” which attracted a historic 120,000 visitors in under two months. Notably, the Forum achieved a turnover at the end of 2023 that represented 90% of its best year in 2019.

Looking ahead to 2024, the Grimaldi Forum is set to host new events, including the Junk Kouture sustainable fashion competition, Moretti Fine Arts auction, Padel Best Expo sports event, and the SLB Digital Forum Convention. Returning events like Ever Monaco and the second edition of the Employment Forum are also expected. The Forum’s 2024 turnover is already projected to exceed that of its 2019 reference year.

A significant milestone is the renewal of the sponsorship agreement with CMB Monaco for the 19th time, reflecting a long-standing partnership. The two entities share common values and are collaborating on a new joint project in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), benefiting the Monaco Disease Power Association.

Emphasizing CSR, the Grimaldi Forum has obtained its 6th ISO 14001 certification and its first ISO 20121 certification in 2023. The centre is committed to continuous improvement and is involved in various environmental, societal, and solidarity projects. Initiatives include a dedicated working day for each employee for collective actions, eco-design of exhibitions, teleworking, and efforts against food waste and insecurity.

Looking towards 2025, as the Grimaldi Forum approaches its 25th anniversary, it anticipates a significant expansion as part of the Mareterra project. The extension will provide 50% more exhibition space, totalling an additional 6,000 square meters indoors, along with 2,000 square meters of outdoor space. This expansion includes a complete repainting of facades, offering a refreshed and competitive venue in the event sector.