mci group: new creative technology studio in Brazil

Friday, 21.01.2022

Mci group expands its creative technology solutions offer by the entry of the Dorier agency to the Brazilian market.

Ney Neto, Dorier Brazil General Director; Photo: Dorier group

The new branch is a tech and systems company specialising in virtual events technology, digital experiences activations and integrations, 3D and AR modelling, XR studio, volumetric video capturing, NFT systems, and solutions developed explicitly for engaging audiences in a hybrid format.

Dorier did projects for Oculus and Microsoft, focusing on optimising experiences for the hybrid event’s format. Company specialists also worked with global group technologies like the Quasar platform. Solutions provided by the brand are compatible with new media formats such as metaverse. Having its own real-world augmented reality modelling studio, Dorier collaborated with clients on building digital extensions on web 3.0, for example, Blockchain.

Dorier Brazil will be led by Ney Neto, an innovation management professional with experience in product development for event tech area startups. For 18 years, Ney worked in events and marketing agencies with large corporate clients. He was the Innovation Director of Campus Party, the President of the Brazilian chapter of Meetings Professional International. He served as the Business Development and Innovation Director at the MCI agency, bringing pioneering technologies to the Brazilian market.