Sydney’s Business Event Leaders Forge Path Towards Global Impact

Friday, 24.05.2024
BESydney and ICC Sydney are paving the way to a new era of purpose-driven business events, emphasizing social impact and sustainability.

Business Event Sydney (BESydney) and International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) have specialised in business events for 65 years combined. According to a press release, the focus in going forward lies on the purpose and broader impact of these events beyond direct financial gains. BESydney, building on a decade of research into the benefits of tourism beyond just economics, emphasizes knowledge transfer, talent attraction, and direct foreign investment. Similarly, ICC Sydney’s Legacy Program promotes sustainability, diversity, equity, inclusion, and First Nations Peoples.

Lyn Lewis-Smith, CEO of BESydney, highlights the global responsibility of delivering impactful business events that foster social impact and knowledge exchange. “We see our role as two-fold by facilitating an event with purpose, social impact and knowledge exchange while also creating an impact foundation that can be built upon at the next meeting”

Geoff Donaghy, CEO of ICC Sydney, reflects on the venue’s achievements in community connection, sustainability, and inclusion, emphasizing the need for evolving to meet changing delegate requirements and ensuring social impact is a standard practice. “We welcome diverse delegates and offer world-class services to accommodate the needs of all. Beyond room nights and job creation, our proudest moments have been making a difference to visitors and businesses”.

BESydney and ICC Sydney are set on further establishing trust with international organizations, aiming to push industry boundaries and facilitate important conversations and changes. Their joint initiatives include events like the Sydney World Pride Human Rights Conference, which influenced funding and legislation.

BESydney’s upcoming Impact Strategy, set to release in Q3 2024, and ICC Sydney’s extensive future event itinerary – the venue already has 1,126 events in the calendar to 2034 for 4.7 million attendees – demonstrate their commitment to using business events to address global challenges. Their efforts include research on advancing women in business events and trialling new impact frameworks, underscoring their role in driving industry-wide change and collaboration.