Bleisure in Italy – Part 2

Wednesday, 22.11.2023
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Italy with its 20 regions is one of the most popular destinations for business travel and is perfect to combine the stay with a leisure experience. Explore the diverse offering here.

Bleisure in Italy – Part Two | Find Part One here

Basilicata – Animate Your Inspirations

Even with business travel, when organizing an event or in the planning of an incentive, it is possible to pamper your participants, transmit positive energy and indulge their passions, making them feel unique and in harmony with the place they are visiting, Basilicata!

Basilicata / Matera| Photo: Archivio Apt Basilicata

The region is the ideal place with a veritable compendium of bien vivre and slow rhythms, perfect therefore for ‘detox’ stays, both leisure and MICE. A perfect place to recharge the batteries in spectacular settings such as small villages of rare beauty, a wild landscape with high mountains, wide plains and two coastlines. In addition, the choice of two seas, the choice of two cities: a modern and sparkling city like Potenza and the unique, dreamlike and beautiful Matera, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture in 2019, and the choice of archaeological sites of international importance.

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Calabria – Four Seasons

The Calabria region is appropriate for bleisure tourism due to its accommodation facilities located in settings that can combine work with leisure. Located in bucolic spots or overlooking the sea they are the ideal place for meetings, conventions and corporate travel. The landscape in this region makes it suitable for multiple experiences: from aquatic to mountainous, from sports activities to orienteering and barefooting.

Calabria / Capo Bianco

For corporate guests wishing to travel with the family, Calabria is the leading region for child-friendly beaches and third for Blue Flag beaches. With its three National Parks, canyons, waterfalls, lakes, and adventure parks, Calabria also lends itself to adrenaline sports and team-building experiences.

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Bleisure in Campania

Professionals who come for business in Campania always return for pleasure thanks to the manifold offering in culture, history and natural beauty. The region offers plenty of opportunities for business and leisure. After attending a corporate event people can easily explore the region hiking the Vesuvius Volcano, sailing in the Gulf of Naples, doing a Vespa tour on the Amalfi Coast or visiting one of the famous archeological sites such as Herculaneum and Pompeii.

Campania / Vico Equense

Furthermore, Campania is an ideal place for organizing meetings or incentive travel with its unique locations and high-quality standard services for example in the city of Naples and Salerno and surroundings. Naples is the capital of the region and is easily reachable due to the proximity of the International Airport, located just 5 km from the city centre. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, Naples is among the most ancient European cities and home to countless artistic treasures.

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Let’s Visit Marche

The Marche region boasts Italy’s highest percentage of businesses per inhabitant. Thus, the accommodation facilities have specialized in welcoming ‘business’ tourists, by providing exclusive services for working activities. What makes staying in the Marche for business unique is the wonderful landscape of rolling hills, backed by mountains and close to the sea.

Marche / Monte Conero, Conero Riviera | Photo: Archivio / Regione Marche

And then the numerous farmhouses, hotels and country houses surrounded by greenery are ideal locations to relax or take a break after a hard-working day, or smart working; indeed many services are provided, such as gyms, fitness centres or guided tours to discover the attractions of the surrounding area.

They all supply spaces and facilities to organize working sessions in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. Refined historic homes, convents, castles, patrician villas and manor houses can also host meetings and different events.

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Business or Pleasure? – Puglia

Puglia combines a business penchant with an extraordinary historical heritage, delivering top-notch MICE services and splendid settings for any type of event.

Spice up your agenda, Puglia is the sought-after destination where conferences and events take place year round across two seas, country-chic venues and luxury locations.

Puglia / Masseria Cisternino | Photo: Carlo Elmiro Bevilacqua

Authentic and contemporary, Puglia is a mosaic of culture, art, food & wine, luscious nature and stunning architecture, as it inspires travellers seeking the ideal mix of business and leisure.

The Puglian meeting industry sports unique events in picturesque locations, such as UNESCO World Heritage sites, Trulli and the typical Masserie. Meetings and congresses are set amid woods, national parks, fascinating canyons, ravines, even crypts and caves, always providing top-notch services in fully equipped facilities.

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Sardinia – A Little Continent in the Mediterranean

The region Sardinia is the 2° largest Italian island and is famous for its sandy beaches and turquoise colour sea-water. But Sardinia has much more to offer with a fascinating wild nature, ideal for plenty of outdoor activities, a fascinating past and living traditions, artistic craftsmanship, good food and excellent wines. In Sardinia it is easy to combine business and leisure, and it is no coincidence that in recent years Sardinia has grown as a business destination.

Sardinia / Cagliari seen from the sea | Photo: Sean Pavone via Shutterstock

The decisive factors for this growth are the synergy among operators, structuring more competitive offers, renewed promotions and a series of features with added value. In fact, Sardinia differs from its competitors thanks to its central position in the Mediterranean, its mild climate all year round, safety, varied landscapes and ideal conditions for outdoor activities or, simply put, for quality of life.

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Wonderful Sicily

Sicily…an island famous for its traditions and for its hospitality. A value that can be found in all the hotels or meeting resorts all over the region which, as custodians of the local identity, best represent the new bleisure travel philosophy.

Sicily / Ancient Theatre of Taormina | Photo: Archivio Regione Siciliana

The events performed throughout the year, ensure amusement even at the end of an intense day’s work: theatre premieres and the Opera in the magical atmosphere of the prestigious Sicilian theatres; the classical representations in the “Stone Theatres” which still today, after millennia, bring the ancient Greek culture back to the stage; festivals and events celebrating wine and food. But the religious and traditional festivals, full of pathos, are the mirror of the Sicilian soul. It is impossible not to get involved in them.

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Tuscany, Never-Ending Renaissance

Located in the heart of Italy, Tuscany is one of the most attractive destinations for international tourism and a renewed international MICE destination. Thanks to its position, it is easy to reach from all over the world as well as from all the other Italian regions.

Tuscany / Panorama of Florence

With thousands of accommodation facilities and hundreds of venues of excellent quality, Tuscany is the ideal place to host conferences, events, conventions, incentive travels and product launches. Its main congress centres and numerous of different conference hotels have all the required infrastructures to welcome the participants during their stay for any event of the so-called meeting industry. Tuscany is also the perfect destination to live unique moments in a perfect mix of work trips and leisure thanks to its art, history, culture and cuisine.

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Umbria – The Green Heart of Italy

Where can you discover unexpected delights in the middle of Italy? Umbria offers nearly everything people love about Italian holidays: great food and wine, unspoiled natural scenery, charming stone villages, world-class cultural heritage, and plenty of unforgettable experiences.

Umbria / Rafting on River Nera | Photo: Regione Umbria

Whether you are going to explore Umbrias art cities such as Perugia, the capital, Assisi, Orvieto or Gubbio, whether you are going to sail on the Lake Trasimeno, strolling through olive groves from one medieval village to another, or exploring a breathtaking regional park by mountain bike, getting around and out in nature is the perfect way to de-stress and recharge. An unforgettable experience is for sure having a walk with truffle dogs “hunting” to unearth black diamonds.

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