Athens, where every experience has a backstory

Tuesday, 04.05.2021
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Athens, a capital city of myths, monuments and cultural DNA. This 2.500 year old European icon has a forward thinking heritage and a renewed commitment to safety and sustainability. Athens guarantees authentic experiences bonded to its legendary past, while honouring its dynamic present and sustainable future.

Photo: Christos Pastalidis | This is Athens

Athens will surprise, delight and inspire your team. It is a prime destination for corporate meetings and incentives, offering rejuvenating encounters wrapped around a Mediterranean mood that is impossible to forget. Here, business and pleasure co-exist closer than you think.
Your team will share invigorating moments in Athens, on the Athenian Riviera and in our dramatic mountains, creating intimate memories and bonds that sustain over time.   

Athens is a unique blend of landscapes, traditions and stories. Whether the goal is to embark on an adventure, make a social impact, return to nature, indulge in luxurious pampering, feed on culture, explore alternative and authentic, flavours, escape to blue skies and seas, or simply have a (really) good time, Athens is where your team will connect, revive and thrive.

With four millennia of recorded history, 80+ world-famous sites, and 2 UNESCO marvels mingling up close with a vibrant contemporary life, Athens is a beguiling mix of classical and cutting-edge, urban and seaside. The prized Mediterranean cuisine weaves its way into a fresh gastronomic scene that will delight you.

The city emerges amid a 50 km coastline of 20 blue flag beaches and 11 marinas, and a mountainous terrain of stunning natural landscapes. The famous Greek islands, lush vineyards and unique heritage sites are all just a short sail or drive away. Enhancing the quality and scope of the visitor experience, leading international hotel chains and boutique brands are investing vigorously in Athens.

Athens is a city with a social conscience, building upon its proud intellectual legacy to emerge as an agile modern city that delivers a safe, resilient, sustainable and socially responsible destination for residents and visitors alike.

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