Cannes: New immersive technology at Hôtel Martinez

Friday, 27.10.2023
Hôtel Martinez, located in Cannes, introduces an exclusive ‘360° MAPPING’ technology in its event space Le Festival.
Hôtel Martinez introduces an exclusive ‘360° MAPPING’ technology in its large event space, Le Festival. Photo: Hôtel Martinez

With a surface area of almost 900m², Le Festival is offering a spectacular immersion into different, customizable atmospheres. This permanent installation experience is unique in Europe, offering a poetic and visual landscape for the events taking place on-site.

‘360 MAPPING’ can be adapted to the three configurations of Le Festival, either as a complete room or as two separate spaces divided by a soundproof partition.

Teleported to other landscapes

This technology has the ability to create bespoke sceneries or choose from 20 pre-programmed, 6-minute animated digital sequences. The technical equipment consists of 30 4K video projectors and a server with 30 4K streams. The public can, for example, be transported to the roof of the hotel and its view over the bay of Cannes, or walk behind the walls of a classic Parisian Haussmann-style apartment, or find themselves teleported to a variety of other landscapes or different graphic and cosmic atmospheres.

Hôtel Martinez, located in Cannes, offers with its 2,500m² of lounges one of the largest hotel capacities on the French Riviera for meeting space.