City DNA in Bologna

Tuesday, 16.04.2024
From April 24-27, the City Destinations Alliance International Conference & General Assembly “Reality Check! On facts and fiction in urban tourism” will unite more than 200 leisure and business tourism professionals.

Bolgna hosts the City Destinations Alliance International Conference; photo: StreetFlash/iStock

The City Destinations Alliance International Conference & General Assembly, entitled ‘Reality Check! On facts and fiction in urban tourism,’ will bring together over 200 tourism professionals in Bologna from April 24-27, 2024.

Its objective is to examine authenticity and reality in urban tourism in the face of artificial content dominance. The conference will cover various topics such as resilience in adversity, visitor dispersal strategies, community tourism, technology’s role, leadership transitions, authenticity in the digital age, and diverse city tour perspectives.

Debates on authenticity versus AI-generated content

The sessions will provide insights into Lviv’s tourism adaptation, the effectiveness of dispersal strategies, the role of DMOs in the community, and debates on authenticity versus AI-generated content. Additionally, the program will highlight overlooked historical narratives, sensory exploration, and authentic storytelling.

The conference aims to encourage dialogue on reimagining urban tourism for authenticity, sustainability, and inclusivity. It is led by Petra Stušek, President of City Destinations Alliance. She said: “We are standing at a critical juncture in urban tourism, where the lines between what’s real and what’s artificial seem to blur more each day. The CityDNA International Conference & General Assembly in Bologna is not just an event; it’s a movement towards authenticity, sustainability, and inclusivity in tourism.”

For leisure and business professionals

The conference has participation from various cities, partners, and companies.  Moderated by Signe Jungersted from Group NAO, the program is designed for leisure and business professionals.

Registrations are open until April 17 at