Cvent: New Partnership Aims at Improving Events in Italy

Wednesday, 22.03.2023

A new collaboration between Cvent and Yeg! aims to enable a localised attendee experience and support the unique needs of events in the Italian market.

Jamie Vaughan, Cvent Europe Vice President of Sales. Photo: Cvent

Meetings, events and hospitality technology provider, Cvent, and Yeg!, a communication events production company dedicated to improving the interaction between business and their customers, announced their strategic partnership to support more engaging and data-driven business and leisure events in the Italian market.

According to a press release, the new collaboration aims to “offer a next-gen solution that is curated for the Italian user and attendee”. With “a scalable event marketing and management platform, powerful streaming functionality, advanced administrative solutions, marketing and communication tools and customer care services, organisations can now build a continuous path of interaction with the target audience all whilst measuring quantitative and qualitative data before, during and after the event”, it reads.

Cvent’s event marketing and management platform now integrates with Yeg!’s technologies including D*Motion, and other technologies. D*Motion combines proprietary integrated methods of data science, neuro analysis and digital interaction to enable event planners and sales and marketing professionals to learn how consumers interact with their products and messages during events.

The two companies expect the partnership to bring “new levels of efficiency across the events industry, while showcasing the robust benefits of event technology to the Italian market”. 

“We look forward to working collaboratively with Yeg! to support planners in delivering more engaging and impactful event experiences, as well as expanding Cvent’s European footprint in the Italian market,” said Jamie Vaughan, Cvent Europe Vice President of Sales.

Yeg! CEO, Pier Paolo Pecchini, said: “The partnership represents a true revolution in the world of events, redefining the path of physical events by activating a consequential and valuable journey with the user. Thanks to the integrated environment equipped with a complete and scalable event management platform, in addition to robust marketing, communication and customer care tools, companies and professionals in the sector can now build a 360-degree picture of their target audience.” 
As part of its global growth plan, Yeg! has opened offices in the United Kingdom and United States in addition to its bases in Milan, Turin and Rome.