CWT Introduces Events Carbon Calculator

Wednesday, 26.04.2023

CWT is committed to helping its clients operationalize a transparent and measurable solution to reduce their carbon emissions.

Photo: CWT Meetings & Events

Events management company CWT Meetings and Events has introduced a new carbon calculator to help its clients better understand their events’ carbon footprint. The calculator will allow clients to determine the carbon emissions produced by travel, hotel stays, meeting space, and food and beverage consumption.

The information gathered will enable clients to make more sustainable choices for their global events aimed at audiences ranging from 200 to 50,000 attendees.

Ian Cummings, the Global Head at CWT Meetings & Events, said that the company’s new carbon calculator would help its clients achieve their ambitious long-term corporate sustainability goals. It will enable them to connect their people and stakeholders in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

Kit Aspen, the founder and director of Thrust Carbon, who worked with CWT on developing the carbon calculator, added that the tool’s scalability and robustness would make it an invaluable resource for the industry. The calculator aims to solve the industry’s shortfall of having carbon measures for individual traveler impacts, but not for events, or vice versa.

CWT’s carbon calculator will help its clients stay on track with their corporate sustainability goals while creating impactful, memorable events. As face-to-face meetings continue to outstrip virtual and hybrid events, the calculator will help clients make more informed and sustainable choices for their events, ensuring they are environmentally frugal.