CWT Unveils Gen AI-Powered Traveller Messaging Support for Enhanced User Experience

Tuesday, 06.02.2024
CWT integrates generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) into its My CWT platform. With seamless handoffs to travel counsellors and plans for live translations, personalized support, the user experience reportedly reaches new heights.

Photo: Unsplash

Global business travel and meetings specialist CWT has integrated generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI) capabilities into its My CWT platform to streamline traveller messaging interactions.

Powered by Azure OpenAI, the Gen AI-enabled virtual assistant engages in unscripted conversations with travellers, seamlessly handing over to a travel counsellor when needed. After a successful pilot run, the enhanced messaging service is now available to customers in 56 countries, reportedly achieving high satisfaction scores, averaging 90 percent.

“We see immense potential in using generative AI across our products and services to benefit our customers,” said Erica Antony, CWT’s Chief Product Officer. “Our messaging service has become the preferred support channel for many travelers around the world, and this latest enhancement will create an even better user experience. GenAI will speed up our ability to automate conversations in a powerful way, significantly reducing response times and allowing our travel counselors to focus on more complex customer needs. Of course, this is just the beginning, and we expect to deploy this technology for a number of other use cases over the course of this year.”

CWT plans to expand GenAI’s capabilities, including live language translations and personalized support based on individual preferences and travel history, to enhance the user experience further.