European DMOs meet in Hamburg

Monday, 14.03.2022

European Cities Marketing (ECM) members will reunite on March 30-April 2, 2022 in Hamburg for ECM International Conference & General Assembly.

Photo: European Cities Marketing

On the first day of the ECM International Conference, attendees will learn how branding and communication can create global movement, and how destination campaigns can protest censorship and reunite Europe. On the second day of the ECM International Conference, attendees will dive into the ECM Trend Room discussion on how cities can adapt to continuously be healthy places to both live and visit. They will then join Digital Destinations to seek out the potential of digital and new technologies for better destination management, stronger local connection and social DNA.

“During ECM conference in Hamburg, more than 170 members will meet and work for a full 3-day event as it is time to create new narratives, new partnerships and a new trajectory for urban tourism. We will focus on answering the big questions that are how tourism can help fix the world, and how we as DMOs can be catalysts for change. The recent attacks to Ukraine, that we strongly condemn, will be highly tackled and we will, together as a community, keep on supporting our Ukrainian friends and colleagues by giving them a voice at the conference. In parallel, we just launched a collaborative dashboard where everyone can share some of the initiatives taken within the world of hospitality and tourism for Ukraine. By sharing, we create awareness and increase potential collective impact.” said Petra Stušek, ECM President.