GR8 Events, Your One-Stop Shop in Portugal

Tuesday, 30.04.2024
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GR8 Events is an Events Agency and DMC based in Portugal, experts in Destination and Event Management with in-house Creativity Hub, Content Studio and Innovation Lab.

At GR8 Events we pride ourselves on our commitment to creativity, thoughtful planning, and flawless execution. Our team comprises a blend of 36 experienced professionals and young blood with the purpose to curate unforgettable events.

As a full-service events agency, we are also prepared to deliver all services on demand and tailored to your needs.

Our range of services includes:

  • Destination management: With a deep understanding of local customs, our team provides authentic experiences that capture the essence of Portugal, providing exclusive access to the best hotels, venues and services.
  • Events management and delivery: Comprehensive event planning and execution, guaranteeing a smooth and memorable event.
  • Concept and creative development: With an in-house Creative Hub, we strive to craft innovative and engaging event concepts aligned with each client’s goals.
  • Innovation event concepts: With an Innovation Lab and R&D department, we develop unique event ideas, serving as a catalyst for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in event planning and execution.

And why Portugal?

  • There’s always warmth and hospitality to welcome you
  • And cultural richness in almost every door step
  • Oh… and the food… and the wine… don’t get us started on that
  • Or the sunshine… We’ve got 300 days of sun just for you
  • In one of the most peaceful countries in the world
  • With easy global access for all your attendees

Dare us! We believe corporate events are great, but they can be GR8 events​!

To find out more, contact Carina Ferreira