Grimaldi Forum: Two new sustainability awards

Wednesday, 15.11.2023
Monaco's Convention and Culture Center has improved its energy efficiency by 35 percent over the past fifteen years.

The Grimaldi Forum team with the two new awards: In the middle, Sylvie Biancheri - Director General. To her left, Maureen Aubert - Legal Officer & Environment and Certifications Manager. To her right - Françoise Rossi - CSR Director; photo: Grimaldi Forum Monaco

The Grimaldi Forum in Monaco has attained its first ISO 20121 certification, a landmark achievement in the realm of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for event activities, marking it as the first of its kind globally. The certification complements the Grimaldi Forum’s robust commitment to CSR and its strong environmental stance.

Sylvie Biancheri, the General Manager of the Grimaldi Forum, noted the institution’s pre-existing dedication to CSR, lauded by customers for its support in this domain. The certification has provided a structured and formalized approach, reinforcing their environmental commitment.

Philosophy includes the human facor

The Grimaldi Forum’s management philosophy has always revolved around the human factor, emphasizing values such as benevolence, fairness, and sharing. Notable initiatives include offering open-ended contracts to 100% of permanent employees, a three-year training plan, personal risk insurance coverage, and the opportunity to work from home once a week. The diverse permanent workforce represents 20 nationalities, with women comprising 46% of managers. A significant proportion of employees have long tenures, with 55% exceeding 10 years and 25% exceeding 20 years.

The institution actively supports local charities, encouraging employees to participate by offering a day’s work for a chosen cause in Monaco. The Grimaldi Forum also addresses food waste and food insecurity by redistributing uneaten food from its events in collaboration with local charities.

Eco-friendly building, producing no greenhouse gases

The Grimaldi Forum’s dedication to CSR aligns with Monaco’s proactive sustainable development policies. The organization boasts its sixth ISO 14001 certification, awarded for the first time in 2008, making it one of the early convention centers in Europe to earn this prestigious recognition. The building is eco-friendly, producing no greenhouse gases, utilizing natural thermal insulation, and employing seawater and groundwater for air treatment. A centralized technical management system with 20,000 control points ensures efficient resource use.

Over the past 15 years, the Grimaldi Forum has improved energy efficiency by 35%, relying on 100% green energy. Waste sorting rates have increased by 2.5 times, and water consumption per visitor has more than halved. The facility is the leading producer of solar energy in Monaco, with 2,500 m² of photovoltaic panels on its roof. It advocates responsible purchasing, employs certified paper and wood, collaborates with local caterers committed to sustainability, and provides event consumption reports to customers, including data on energy, water, and waste sorting.

The Grimaldi Forum’s CSR project involves customers, business partners, authorities, employees, and suppliers, uniting all stakeholders toward mutual progress. The ISO Committee, composed of 16 members from various departments, spearheads the project, with Françoise Rossi serving as CSR Director and Maureen Aubert as Environment, Certifications, and Legal Affairs Manager. Together, they are dedicated to advancing sustainability in the Principality and the events industry, contributing to a sustainable society for future generations.