IACC: This is the “Meeting Room of the Future 2024”

Wednesday, 29.05.2024
Sustainability remains important, AI has hardly been used so far.

IACC has published an analysis on the topic of the “Meeting Room of the Future 2024”. This highlights current trends in the event industry. The study is based on data from 170 meeting venue operators worldwide.

The findings of the report:

  • AI usage: the use of AI has so far been low and limited to marketing, data analysis and revenue management. However, around 35% of venues plan to expand to menu planning, food waste management and guest services.
  • Adapting to Generation Z: Venues are integrating more breaks and face-to-face time into their events and encouraging smaller group settings to enable one-to-one interactions. Over 70% of venues encourage a connection to nature.
  • Food preferences: There is a decrease in alcohol consumption at nearly half of venues and an increase in specific dietary requirements.
  • Sustainability: 83% of venues have implemented programs to reduce food waste and 88% to eliminate single-use plastic. Three quarters of venues have environmental or sustainability certifications.

Mark Cooper, CEO of IACC, comments: “This year’s research reaffirms how live meetings are evolving and venues are adapting to the kind of experiences expected by business event organisers for their attendees. Social responsibility is at the heart of many of these trends and the report clearly shows that venues are in lockstep with their development of facilities and services.”

Further information and the full report can be found at www.iacconline.org/iacc-meeting-room-of-the-future.