IAPCO and Gevme Announce Partnership

Wednesday, 05.06.2024
The provider of event technology solutions will help accelerate IAPCO's digital transformation.

Vamshi Velmajala (Product Manager, Gevme), Veemal Gungadin (CEO, Gevme) and Martin Boyle (CEO, IAPCO); photo: IAPCO

The International Association of Professional Congress Organisers (IAPCO) has announced a two-year partnership with Gevme, a leading provider of modern event technology solutions. This collaboration will enhance IAPCO’s educational programs with AI-driven outputs and session debriefs at seminars and annual meetings, ensuring long-term knowledge transfer for participants and the global IAPCO community.

IAPCO CEO Martin Boyle highlighted that the partnership will accelerate IAPCO’s digital transformation, leveraging Gevme’s advanced capabilities to deliver engaging, data-rich experiences. Gevme’s Snapsight platform, in use since January 2024, analyzes live session content in real-time and generates comprehensive summaries to boost attendee engagement and content retention.

Gevme CEO Veemal Gungadin also expressed enthusiasm for the partnership. “We are honoured to partner with IAPCO, a leading association in the congress organising sector. Our technology is designed to enhance attendee engagement and we look forward to supporting IAPCO and its membership in delivering exceptional events worldwide.”