ICCAUni: New Global Academic Network

Wednesday, 27.03.2024
The network is designed to forge a stronger connection between academic institutions and industry practitioners.

The membership programme offers students insights into professional success; photo: Drazen_/iStock

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) introduces ICCAUni, a pioneering initiative bridging the gap between academia and the business events industry. ICCAUni connects academic institutions with industry practitioners and provides a platform for students to experience the international business events arena.

Connections between talents and the industry

ICCA aims to create a global network of educators and career advisors, facilitating connections between emerging talent and the industry. The new network offers graduates the opportunity to explore potential career paths, supported by ICCA CEO Senthil Gopinath, who emphasises the importance of attracting new talent and encouraging fresh perspectives:

“Finding exciting new talent is the lifeblood of our industry. ICCAUni will showcase the incredible scope of what our industry offers — from marketing and hospitality, to logistics and advocacy — and by doing so, will attract a whole new generation of leaders. By bringing education establishments into this unique membership programme, academia will be able to point to our industry and tell their students that this is where opportunity lies. And we will get to enjoy the industry-wide benefit of fresh perspective, and boundless enthusiasm.”

Professor Keiko Nishimoto of Ritsumeikan Business School, Japan, emphasises the role of universities in shaping the future of the meetings industry and encourages participation in ICCAUni: “I worked for PCOs for 20 years and now moved to the academic sector, and I always believed that Universities should play a critical role in shaping the future of the meetings industry. This is possible only if we unite.”

Access to ICCA’s business intelligence database

The membership programme offers students insights into professional success, including scholarships to the ICCA Annual Congress, access to ICCA’s business intelligence database and a library of industry knowledge. The ICCAUni is an opportunity for academia to showcase the dynamic, innovative nature of the global events industry.