Meetingselect Joins Forces with Travelport to Modernize Hotel Booking and Meeting Management

Friday, 26.04.2024
Meetingselect's collaboration with Travelport's platform Travelport+ is expected to provide seamless access to preferred hotel rates and simplified booking processes for meetings and accommodations.

The partnership between Meetingselect and Travelport is aimed at efficiency and convenience. Photo: Meetingselect

Meetingselect has partnered with Travelport, a global technology company specializing in facilitating travel bookings for a vast array of travel suppliers worldwide. By leveraging Travelport’s retailing platform, Travelport+, Meetingselect aims to streamline and enhance its hotel booking capabilities for both individual and group accommodations, with or without associated meeting spaces.

This partnership represents a big step forward for Meetingselect, enabling its users to efficiently access and compare preferred rates for hotel bookings alongside meetings or events, utilizing rate access codes. This feature is intended to deliver a more user-friendly and cost-efficient booking process for businesses, allowing them to manage both their accommodation and meeting space requirements through Meetingselect’s platform.

One of the key benefits of integrating with Travelport+ is the ability for Meetingselect users to directly access availability for guest rooms, allowing for the booking of up to nine rooms simultaneously. This simplifies the process of arranging accommodations for larger groups, further enhancing Meetingselect’s commitment to providing comprehensive meeting management solutions in a single platform.

Judith Huisman, co-founder of Meetingselect, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting its potential to revolutionize retailing experiences within the hospitality industry. “Our partnership is a great example of our commitment to delivering innovative solutions and Travelport+ will undoubtedly bring significant value to our bookers by offering a complete and seamless digital solution.”

Similarly, Paul Broughton, Director of Business Development at Travelport, emphasized the common vision between Travelport and Meetingselect in travel commerce. “We share Meetingselect’s focus on modernizing travel retailing and understand that simplified access to more hospitality content and dynamic offers is needed to help streamline the meeting management experience”.