New Report: Seven Trends for Business Travel in 2024

Monday, 19.02.2024
The Business Travel Trends report by Globetrender and Cytric Easy by Amadeus predicts that business travellers are prioritising extracting maximum value from each trip.

The report predicts a transformative year for business travel, marked by technological advances; photo: Saklakova/iStockphoto

The Business Travel Trends 2024 report predicts that business travel spend will recover to pre-2019 levels. Business travellers are now prioritising extracting maximum value from each trip, facilitated by new technologies such as Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen-AI). The report, a collaboration between Globetrender and Cytric Easy by Amadeus, highlights seven trends that will shape business travel in 2024.

AI Personal Assistants (AI PAs):

  • Gen-AI introduces intelligent, 24/7 ‘AI PAs’ for corporate travelers.
  • These solutions assist in itinerary planning, offer guidance based on natural language, and ensure compliance with travel policies.

Executive Field Trips:

  • Longer, nature-oriented trips gain prominence in 2024.
  • Corporate off-sites emphasize immersive experiences, fostering camaraderie through extreme activities to enhance relationships and motivation.

Objective Stacking:

  • The term coined by Globetrender signifies trips planned to achieve multiple goals.
  • Pressure to adhere to sustainability mandates and manage costs leads to increased demands on employees to justify trips.

Blended Itineraries:

  • A new corporate mindset and automated systems enable more flexible ‘Blended Itineraries.’
  • This departure from rigid travel policies focuses on enhancing employee experience beyond simple ‘bleisure’ trips.

Net Zero Heroes:

  • COP28’s agreement to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 influences corporate travel.
  • A survey by Amadeus reveals 90% of travel companies are strategizing or planning to implement sustainability objectives by 2024.

Digitized Expenses:

  • Corporate finance undergoes a fundamental overhaul with the transition to digital expensing and virtual cards.
  • Digitized Expenses aim to boost personalization, enhance user experience, and ensure data security and travel policy compliance.

Power Networking:

  • A hyper-focused approach to acquiring and building connections emerges in the global events industry.
  • Maximizing every opportunity becomes crucial for employees taking time away from work, emphasizing richer itineraries and multiple meetings.

In summary, the report predicts a transformative year for business travel, marked by technological advances, sustainability considerations and an increased focus on improving the overall travel experience for employees. The trends point to a shift towards more strategic, immersive and purpose-driven business travel practices in 2024 and beyond.