Saudi Arabia: special visa planned for Expo 2030

Tuesday, 13.02.2024
Saudi Arabia is planning to introduce a special visa for the World Expo 2030 that will facilitate "seamless entry from the aeroplane to the metro and the Expo site", the news site Skift quotes the Royal Commission for Riyadh as saying.
Foto: Unsplash

Foto: Unsplash

There was already an event-related visa for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar: the Hayya Card, a type of visa especially for football fans.

The country’s new national airline – Riyadh Air – is also expected to have been launched at the time of the Expo. Riyadh Air is expected to be launched in mid-2025 and has set itself the goal of being able to fly to more than 100 destinations by the end of the decade. The airline is to fly to all major cities, including in America, and generate 20 billion dollars for the domestic economy.

In addition to the Expo, which is expected to attract around 40 million visitors, Saudi Arabia will also organise the Asian Winter Games in 2029. The event will take place in Trojena, a man-made ski resort in the mountains of the country. Saudi Arabia is also the favourite to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034.