Shepard and Zenus Forge Partnership to Introduce Ethical Event Analytics

Monday, 15.04.2024
Event production company Shepard teams up with tech provider Zenus to introduce ethical behaviour measurement services for event analytics.

Photo: Unsplash

Shepard, a prominent event production provider, has joined forces with AI-firm Zenus to introduce an ethical behaviour measurement service within its Solutions Network. This collaboration utilizes Zenus’ AI smart sensors to gather metadata on attendee behaviour, including dwell time, sentiment, activation, and demographics, without compromising privacy. The collected data is aggregated and anonymized, providing actionable insights for event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees.

Through this partnership, event organizers and sponsors receive comprehensive reports on sponsor ROI and engagement, encompassing both passive and active interactions. These reports offer detailed insights into sponsorship metrics, enabling organizers to benchmark engagement across sponsors and helping brands define and measure success. Moreover, the collaboration empowers Shepard’s clients to make data-driven decisions, showcasing ROI to exhibitors and sponsors, as emphasized by Cory Smith, Shepard’s Vice President of Strategic Services.

Frank Leonard, Chief Sales Officer at Zenus, expresses excitement about the partnership, highlighting the benefits of Zenus’ AI-powered ethical facial analysis capabilities in enhancing attendee engagement and maximizing ROI for clients.

Shepard, known for its dedication to exceptional customer service and innovative event solutions, has been a trusted leader in event production since 1905. Zenus, on the other hand, specializes in Ethical AI, offering facial analysis technology that captures essential data points while prioritizing privacy protection.