Survey reveals sponsorship woes for associations

Thursday, 11.01.2024
The Eastside Rooms’ cost of living impact survey reveals that 45% of associations/not for profits are seeing increased difficulty in securing sponsorship for their conferences and events.
Photo: The Eastside Rooms

Photo: The Eastside Rooms

The Eastside Rooms, a leading, modern venue in the heart of England, conducted a survey of 125* event professionals from around the world to identify challenges and opportunities faced due to economic challenges.

A key finding from the report was that 83% of organisers saw an increase in event costs last year. However, alongside the wider impact on organisers, the survey also explored challenges in sponsorship acquisition.

The challenge of securing sponsorship cited by the 45% of association/not for profit respondents is compounded by the 41%, who are seeing a decrease in available funds. This means that even when sponsors are willing, they currently have less to spend.

Adding to the difficulties faced by the associations/not for profits is a reduction in available sponsorship opportunities. 29% said they are finding it harder to identify and offer sponsorship opportunities, led by challenges such as lower delegate numbers and smaller exhibitions.

The corporate respondents were also asked the same questions, though less relevant to them, with 55% responding that the questions were not applicable. 10% are seeing difficulties with securing sponsorship, 10% are seeing reduced availability of funds and 12.5% seeing less opportunities available to generate sponsorship.