The Ageas Bowl partners with Halo Solutions

Wednesday, 16.03.2022

The Ageas Bowl has partnered with Halo Solutions to streamline event safety and security

Photo: The Ageas Bowl

Venue and event managers need information in real-time to enable rapid and effective decision-making and they also require robust post-event reporting to support analysis of operational performance, the reporting of incidents during and post-event can be complicated, inefficient and often delayed when applications and tools are spread across various platforms. The Ageas Bowl has partnered with Halo to resolve some of these challenges to drive value for its clients and the visitor experience.

With a flexible capacity of up to 25,000 the Ageas Bowl regularly hosts international matches as well as local home games. The stadium is also a major outdoor concert location with a show capacity of 35,000 people. The Hilton at the Ageas Bowl, which is also onsite, hosts conferences and events for up to 700 people.

Halo streamlines event management from the control room to the staff on the ground, seamlessly connecting multiple agencies, venue functions, and previously disconnected teams. Delivery teams can log and record incidents using Halo in real-time with user-friendly mobile and desktop applications.